Dallas Blaze Handed Over To Iona Grace


See how Dallas does serving sadistic masters

Dallas Blaze has asked to serve at the Upper Floor so to test her they give her an interview while Iona as senior slave is told to make sure she performs the duties required. Dallas is stripped and made to kneel on a table as Iona fucks her with a large dildo while being whipped.

She is told not to cum even as she begs and an Hitachi is added to her clit. She is bent over to suck cock as her ass is whipped then told to stand still as they whip her nipples. She then has to ride a cock while standing on tiptoe as a cattle prod zaps her and she is whipped. Tied bent backwards she sucks balls as Iona sucks cock while having her tits clamped and an Hitachi held on her clit.

Iona sits on her face to keep Dallas quiet as she licks her pussy while having her own pussy whipped. Dallas has her tits whipped while she is fucked before it’s Ionas turn to be fucked. They both suck the same cock and balls before they tell Dallas she needs to work harder before being allowed to serve them. You can see Dallas start the BDSM lifestyle at The Upper Floor.

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Kristine Kahill Walks In Bondage


Watch Kristine taught to serve

Kristine Kahill is new and has the bad habit of slouching as she walks. The masters don’t like this so get Bella Rossi to help show her how to be a proper servant. Bella is made to jog on the spot while holding a tray, her huge tits bouncing high before doing situps while holding the tray level and having her tits whipped.

Bella is made to trot on the spot with her hands tied behind her before putting Kristine through her paces whipping her ass as she walks around in circles. Kristine then has to walk around in circles while holding a tray steady as they whip her tits but she has trouble not spilling anything put on it.

They have her stand with legsapart, a tray in eachhand and add more and more weight to it until she does drop it. By the end though she is well taught and as reward both girls are made to squat and finger themselves to orgasm. Kristine uses an Hitachi on Bella then while being whipped to thank Bella. You can see Kristine being taught the BDSM lifestyle at The Upper Floor.

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Rosies Initiation Into Extreme Bdsm


Watch Rosie on her first day of extreme torture

Rosie had spent one day getting used to the household and today was her initiation. They had to start by letting out of a trunk and licking pussy while having her ass whipped. She is made to wrestle with another slave who gets the upper hand and fingers her pussy hard. She is then made to lick ass as other slaves are made to suffer.

Tied standing up she has an Hitachi on her pussy and told she isn’t allowed to cum then has her tits whipped and her ass spanked. All the other girls join in then, some getting ass whipped, others being made to cum while others giving forced deepthroat blowjobs. One is made to have a squirting orgasm in Rosies mouth before Rosie herself is covered in cum.

All the other girls get to lick it off her then lick her pussy as Goddess Soma whips them all. Rosie is licked till she cums then is bent over to Jack Hammer to fuck her from behind. She is made to cum over and over again while wearing a dildo gag and having her face ridden till she is covered in cum again. You can see Rosie in the torture chamber at The Upper Floor.

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Dylan Suffers Extreme BDSM As Initiation

Watch Dylan take extreme torture here

Dylan enters day 2 of her initiation but seems to be enjoying herself too much for James Deens liking. While being fucked and licking pussy in bondage she is having a load of orgasms which get stronger and stronger as she is fucked by Derrick Pierce. Seeing this James decides some punishment is in order and gets one of the other slaves to zap her tits while she is riding an orgasm.

She is made to lick ass and watch as Derrick then fucks other slaves while having her ass violated. Led on her back she is made to lick pussy as an Hitachi brings the girl above her to orgasm which she has to drink. Pegs on her pussy and chains on her nipples while being whipped give her some more pain while they take turns spitting in her mouth. Next she is fucked with an Hitachi on her clit and ordered not to cum.

The pegs are ripped off and the chains removed as she is made to suck cock while the other girls get fucked in bondage. She is made to hold her own orgasm as the girls get brought to one after another all the time taking tit torture and pussy pain. This is the end of day 2 but she knows it’s still the beginning of her initiation. You can see Dylan learn the bondage lifestyle at The Upper Floor.

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Seda Has Her Last Day Of Training In The Torture Chamber

Watch Seda in bdsm extreme trying to please her mistress

Seda is led into a room in chains and wearing a ballgag to show she is a good slave. She takes an anal dildo and sits quietly as pegs are placed on her pussy lip and nipples. The peg on her clit brings a small moan as does having her ass spanked but nothing too loud. She is made to ride cock while her nipples are pinched and tits are slapped. A stick dildo is used on her while the rest of the men come on her face. This great torture bdsm and other scenes can be found at The Upper Floor.

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Submissive slave Odile

Watch Odile prove she is worthy

Odile has been given one last chance to prove she is willing to take extreme torture or she will be thrown from the manor. She starts off naked on her knees as she is fingered close to orgasm a few times before she is stood up and has her tits whipped hard by two of them. Meanwhile Tramp is given orders to make cocktails for the guests while being fingered.

When tramp cums without permission and squirts on the bar she is handed over to the guets for some bondage pain. Her nipples are pinched and bitten while her ass is spanked. Odile is placed in suspension bondage and strapon fucked by tramp to orgasm after orgasm. Tramp is made to fuck Odile with a dildo gag then as she has her ass spanked.

After having way too many orgasms she is made to kneel and gives a forced deepthroat with her hands behind her back while being fucked from behind and whipped. She has her nipples pinched and is fingered to orgasm as her master leaves his cum all over her. You can see Odile prove she can take the tit torture at The Upper Floor.

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Six Submissive Girls Used And Abused

See these girls used and abused

Cherry Torn, Jessie Cox, Maggie Mayhem, Gia DiMarco, Iona Grace and Kait Snow are all in the house together to be used and abused in any way the guests see fit. They are stripped and some tied, others gagged and all there for the pleasure of the guests.

They start off with some ass whipping which soon gets to having their pussy smacked. One has her tits caned as the other is taking an ass spanking and having her nipples pinched while another is being fingered to orgasm. Forced deepthroats and pussy licking follows while one is impaled on a dildo and has her tits flogged.

Nipple clamps are attached and ripped off, tits are tied and whipped while being fucked from behind and even with this amount of girls one girl has a cock in her pussy, one in her mouth and one each in her hands. They are fucked senseless and tortured even worse. You can see all these girls used and abused at The Upper Floor.

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