Jessie Cox Learns The Bondage Lifestyle

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Jessie joined Cherry Torn and Bella Rossi in the torture chamber to see if she has what it takes. This doesn’t stop Cherry and Bella getting more of the same, just means they have some company. They start off slapping her face and squeezing her tits as he pussy is slapped to warm her up.

She is made to deepthroat a double dildo before her tits are tied and ass fingered. A dildo is shoved in her ass as she is made to deepthroat before being pussy fucked. She has to hold a vibrator on her clit as she is shallow fisted then made to ride cock.

She is fucked, strangled and has her face covered in come before her debut is over. The upper floor has many women suffering extreme torture, you can find them here.

The Extreme BDSM Torture Of Three Lovely Ladies

Watch as Cherry Torn, Felony and Bella Rossi all suffer extreme torture

When Felony is caught wandering around she is brought up to join Bella and Cherry as a plaything for the afternoon. She is made to hold weights before having a crotch rope pulled tight along her pussy slit and rubbing roughly on her clit. She is pussy whipped while sat down like this while the other two in suspended bondage have vibrators used on their clits.

All three have their tits tied tight before Bella is made to sit on a Sybian. It’s Felonys turn next as she is made to have forced orgasm after orgasm sat on it while her owner wanks come all over her head. An exciting update from The upper Floor where you get to also see bondage, humiliation and a lot of cropping. Watch these girls tortured at The Upper Floor.

Cherry Torn And Bella Rossi Used As Pleasure Toys

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Cherry Torn and Bella Rossi are led into the torture chamber to be used by guests of the house. They are in extreme bondage, tied with dildos in their mouth. They are bent over and vibrators used on them before being ass whipped. Their tits are tied and weighted nipple clamps attached before they give forced blowjobs. They are made to pleasure each other, using vibrators and licking pussy before going back to fulfil their excited guests need. They suck cock until they come and are then led out. A fun update of bdsm fun that can be found on The Upper Floor.

Seda Has Her Last Day Of Training In The Torture Chamber

Watch Seda in bdsm extreme trying to please her mistress

Seda is led into a room in chains and wearing a ballgag to show she is a good slave. She takes an anal dildo and sits quietly as pegs are placed on her pussy lip and nipples. The peg on her clit brings a small moan as does having her ass spanked but nothing too loud. She is made to ride cock while her nipples are pinched and tits are slapped. A stick dildo is used on her while the rest of the men come on her face. This great torture bdsm and other scenes can be found at The Upper Floor.

Three Girls Suffer Extreme Torture BDSM Style

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The torture chamber, otherwise known as the Armory has 3 new guests for some bdsm extreme today. It starts off with Cherry Torn and Bella Rossi made to make out before dildos on sticks are shoved in their pussies. Ass whipping and anal dildos are used before the girls are seperated, one in each room, ones getting her tits flogged while the other is placed with her head in the ground and ass in the air to be whipped. Weighted nipple clamps are used and Nerine Mechanique is brought in to join in with the BDSM fun. All 3 girls get their asses whipped while in tight bondage. You can find this scene and more at The Upper Floor.

Pain Freak Holly Heart Asks For Extreme Torture

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Holly Heart had been asking all week to get taken to the upper floor for an extreme bdsm session. Cherry Torn And Sarah Shevon made sure she had her wish and really made her suffer. Stripped and handcuffed she is placed on all fours and a large wooden pole inserted into her pussy which is used as an oversize dildo on her. This caused enough pain that a ballgag had to be used until it had to be removed for her to give a forced blowjob before being pussy fucked. She is forced to play with herself or have her tits caned before being fingered to another orgasm. The Upper Floor has loads of scenes like this or you can try Kink On Demand where you can buy single scenes.

Cherry Torns Tit Torture By Maestro Stefano

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When Maestro Stefano called in to the Upper Floor he decided to take his slave along with him. To prove how good a trainer he is they are invited to do anything they want to her and they were happy to push Cherry as far as they could. In the torture chamber her hands are tied above her head and pegs placed on her tits while Sarah Shevon is forced to wear nipple clamps in the background. The clamps are soon changed over to Cherry while Sarah has a zipper put up and down her body and tits with a vibrator between her legs. Butt plugs and other tortures make this an extreme bdsm session which can be seen at The Upper Floor.

Cherry Torn Completes Her Extreme Torture Session

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Cherry has finished her 90 days of hell and now they have to decide what to do with her. There are some girls kept on like Sarah Shevon whilst others are let go. To see how far she has come they decide to have one more go at breaking her. She is tied with one leg above her head and a vibrator used before being put into suspended bondage and a dildo on a stick used on her. Sarah has her tits squeezed before being made to lick pussy while Cherry gives a forced blowjob. Loads more pussy licking and blowjobs with Cherry being fucked from behind and you can buy the single scene here at Kink On Demand or can visit The Upper Floor where you can find free trailers of this and other bdsm extreme torture scenes.

Cherry Torn Teaches Slave Pet Sarah Shevon Some New Tricks

Watch Cherry almost burst Sarah with a huge strapon dildo

Cherry decides to use Sarah as the pet she never had and to teach her some new tricks. It started off with a vibrating butt plug inserted while she swallowed a giant strapon which she then had to impale herself on. Nipple clamps and nipple weights were then used as she was fucked in different positions, being fucked form behind seeming to cause the most intense tit torture. Having orgasm after orgasm seemed to end up being extreme torture as Cherry refused to give her time to calm down. More bdsm torture can be found at the Upper Floor.

Sarah Shevon With Pegs On Her Pussy For Not Doing Homework

Watch Cherry Torn teach Sarah that homework must be completed on time.

When Cherry finds out that Sarah hasn’t done her homework she takes that as a reflection on herself and goes about teaching Sarah a lesson. She starts with pegs on her pussy while making her lick out her own pussy. After inserting a butt plug Cherry is giving a hard ass whipping before she has pegs on her nipples. An even bigger butt plug is used before she has her ass caned and her tits whipped. She is made to lick pussy one more time before being put into a cage for the night. The Upper Floor has great scenes like these or you can get single scenes from Kink On Demand.