Cherry Torn Completes Her Extreme Torture Session

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Cherry has finished her 90 days of hell and now they have to decide what to do with her. There are some girls kept on like Sarah Shevon whilst others are let go. To see how far she has come they decide to have one more go at breaking her. She is tied with one leg above her head and a vibrator used before being put into suspended bondage and a dildo on a stick used on her. Sarah has her tits squeezed before being made to lick pussy while Cherry gives a forced blowjob. Loads more pussy licking and blowjobs with Cherry being fucked from behind and you can buy the single scene here at Kink On Demand or can visit The Upper Floor where you can find free trailers of this and other bdsm extreme torture scenes.

Cherry Torn Teaches Slave Pet Sarah Shevon Some New Tricks

Watch Cherry almost burst Sarah with a huge strapon dildo

Cherry decides to use Sarah as the pet she never had and to teach her some new tricks. It started off with a vibrating butt plug inserted while she swallowed a giant strapon which she then had to impale herself on. Nipple clamps and nipple weights were then used as she was fucked in different positions, being fucked form behind seeming to cause the most intense tit torture. Having orgasm after orgasm seemed to end up being extreme torture as Cherry refused to give her time to calm down. More bdsm torture can be found at the Upper Floor.

Sarah Shevon With Pegs On Her Pussy For Not Doing Homework

Watch Cherry Torn teach Sarah that homework must be completed on time.

When Cherry finds out that Sarah hasn’t done her homework she takes that as a reflection on herself and goes about teaching Sarah a lesson. She starts with pegs on her pussy while making her lick out her own pussy. After inserting a butt plug Cherry is giving a hard ass whipping before she has pegs on her nipples. An even bigger butt plug is used before she has her ass caned and her tits whipped. She is made to lick pussy one more time before being put into a cage for the night. The Upper Floor has great scenes like these or you can get single scenes from Kink On Demand.

2 Girls Taught Not To Leave A Mess

Watch Jessie Cox and Kait Snow tortured

Jessie Cox and Kait Snow on their first day of house cleaning made a mess of things by leaving things on the floor. When they were found out they were put in front of their masters naked and more mess was thrown on the floor. Both girls were told to pick it up as they learned the hard way not to do it again.

While on hands and knees picking up the mess Jessie gets her ass caned before being made to bend over and Kait told to spank her ass. When she didn’t do this hard enough she was told to join her and the master showed her how hard she should be spanking by doing it to her.

Kait then gets an over the knee spanking before bending over to have her ass whipped. Kait has her tits tied and her one leg tied in the air then Kait made to lick pussy for orgasm after orgasm. She has a vibrator used on her then to push her to more brutal orgasm before the hard bondage starts. Watch these 2 women suffer extreme bondage at The Upper Floor.

The Last Extreme Bdsm Torture Session Of 2009

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As this was the last Bdsm torture scene of 2009 the guys from The Upper Floor really wanted it to be the best of the year so the invited Hollie Stevens, Cherry Torn, Maestro, Sarah Shevon and Maggie Mayhem. This torture chamber scene takes a bit of everything from forced fisting, chain bondage, nipple clamps and torture through to forced blowjobs, suspension bondage and spanking. These bdsm stars don’t hold anything back and by the end they all have marks on their bodies and are totally wrecked. This is a must have scene from The Upper Floor with some of the best bdsm scenes available.

Asphyxia’s Initiation Into Bondage Lifestyle

Watch Asphyxia in the torture chamber

Asphyxia Noir has watched what goes on in the torture chamber and has thought about it but always backed out. They finally get her in to do a scene where she is led in wearing an hood with her hands tied. She is attached to the floor bent over to have her ass whipped before being turned over to be fingered to a squirting orgasm.

Her tied tits are whipped before she is bent over and fucked from behind. She then learns how to deepthroat while having her tits whipped and is fingered to another orgasm. While this is happening Krysta Kaos is told to cum and has her pussy slapped until she does with no other stimulation.

They take turns fucking her pussy and mouth as the others gather around while Dylan is also fucked. Dylan is forced to swallow cock deep while being fucked from behind until James Deen is ready to cum on Asphyxia. Dylan and Krysta then have to lick the cum off her. You can see Asphyxia Noir try her first bdsm extreme at The Upper Floor.

Submissive slave Odile

Watch Odile prove she is worthy

Odile has been given one last chance to prove she is willing to take extreme torture or she will be thrown from the manor. She starts off naked on her knees as she is fingered close to orgasm a few times before she is stood up and has her tits whipped hard by two of them. Meanwhile Tramp is given orders to make cocktails for the guests while being fingered.

When tramp cums without permission and squirts on the bar she is handed over to the guets for some bondage pain. Her nipples are pinched and bitten while her ass is spanked. Odile is placed in suspension bondage and strapon fucked by tramp to orgasm after orgasm. Tramp is made to fuck Odile with a dildo gag then as she has her ass spanked.

After having way too many orgasms she is made to kneel and gives a forced deepthroat with her hands behind her back while being fucked from behind and whipped. She has her nipples pinched and is fingered to orgasm as her master leaves his cum all over her. You can see Odile prove she can take the tit torture at The Upper Floor.

Women Take Turns On A Sybian

Watch these girls suffer in bondage

This is the first part of a Christmas special which means that while the masters are eating the girls perform. This starts off with all the girls sat on Sybians with their hands tied behind them as they are forced to cum over and over. While this is happening Alice offers to give blowjobs to Mark Davis and the Steward so they make her give forced deepthroats to both.

After managing to get both cocks in her mouth she is bent over to have her ass whipped. She has her ass and pussy fingered through multiple orgasms as the other girls suffer. Another is hooded and tied with her hands above her head as she is whipped. Pixie then makes a bad mistake in tipping a drink over Mark Davis.

Mark steps on her before making her suck his cock while being whipped. He then fucks her from behind while standing on her face as the other women get tied and tortured. After suffering and being pounded the others leave her with him to finish her punishment. You can see these girls cum too much at The Upper Floor.

Cherry Torn Forced To Discipline Sarah Shevon

Cherrys new job is to teach Sarah to behave using extreme bdsm

When Cherry gets told that her new job is to make sure Sarah behaves and to discipline her if she doesn’t she isn’t too happy with the job at first but since Sarah is her sister she decides she can take it easy on her. Her first bdsm lesson though isn’t so easy. Seeing that Cherry isn’t being hard enough the master decides that both should be punished with extreme bondage and hard torture. This includes sharing nipple weights and forced lesbian acts. They then move on to nipple clamps, fisting and fucking machines while their tits are tied. There’s a lot more extreme bdsm such as ass fingering and dildo on stick sex which you can find here at The Upper Floor or at Kink On Demand.

Beretta James First Bdsm Extreme

Watch Beretta take extreme torture

Iona Grace had been telling Beretta James about the Upper Floor for ages and finally manages to talk her into giving it a try. Topless Iona leads her into the tortyre chamber where she is stripped and put on a table on all fours. Iona starts off slow giving her an ass spanking before moving on to whip her ass.

Beretta has her pussy fingered then her face slapped while a buttplug is inserted. Her feet are caned then they move on to cane her whole body then an Hitachi is placed against her clit. Her nipples are squeezed then she is made to lick ass while having her ass whipped with a single tail.

Nipple clamps are used to stretch her tits while she gives a forced deepthroat then is fucked from behind with a large strapon. She is fucked from behind while licking pussy then the tit torture continues as they pull on the chain connected to the nipple clamps. You can see Beretta James learn the bondage lifestyle at The Upper Floor.