Jessie Cox Learns The BDSM Lifestyle

Watch Jessie taught to handle bondage

Jessie Cox is brought in to help Cherry Torn serve a collection of masters and mistresses and gets a lot more than she bargained for. They love nothing better than teaching a new girl what the BDSM lifestyle is all about and with this many this was always going to be a hard scene.

She is thrown straight into the action being made to eat from a dogs bowl then riding one cock as she sucks another. She bends over then to suck cock as she has her ass spanked then is ass fucked by yet another master. She is turned over so that while fucking her he gets to slap her tits till they’re bright red.

She is put into suspension bondage to be strapon fucked while Cherry is giving a forced deepthroat. A zipper is placed on Jessie’ tits and she is vibrated to orgasm as Cherry has her ass whipped other submissives are brought in. One is put into stocks to be face fucked while another gets ass whipped. Cherry and Jessie are made to sit still to be covered in cum at the end of this scene from the Upper Floor.

Two Slaves Suffer Ass Torture

Watch these 2 suffer for their master

Cherry Torn and Bella Rossi are told by their master he wants some entertainment while eating and that they will be graded out of 24. Anal beads go into Cherry’ ass while a vibrator is used in her pussy. The beads are removed so she can take a dildo in each hole then the master joins in, removing the vibrator to put a peg on her clit.

Bella is then bound to a cross with her tits tied tight and sitting on a vibrator. Weighted nipple clamps are used on Cherry while a dildo continues her ass torture. The master whips her tits making her jump around and the ass torture increase. The girls are made to kiss and jiggle their weighted tits as the vibrators are strapped to their pussies.

Cherry has her tits tortured some more as the master canes her tits. Both girls have come so much now that the vibrators are hurting their sensitive clits and he shows no sign of taking them off. After their next screaming orgasm the master rewards them by taking the vibrator off. You can see their ass torture at The Upper Floor.

Two Girls In A Torture Chamber

Watch these two take extreme torture here

Bella Rossi and Cherry Torn team up and are made to stand naked to be used by their master. He starts with Cherry by whipping her tits then squashing her tits flat in both hands then slapping them. The girls are made to kiss as he ass spanks Bella leaving her with a red ass.

In a 69 while Bella is licking Cherry’ pussy Cherry is made to gag on a long dildo which is then used on Bella. Bella is then held while she is forced to swallow cock as she is throat fucked hard while Cherry licks her ass and she uses the long dildo on Cherry.

Bella is ass fucked by a dildo as she continues to use a dildo on Cherry’ pussy before their master is done with them. They are made to kiss kneeling down as he shoots his load over their faces and they are made to lick it up. You can see more bdsm extreme from these two stunners over at the Upper Floor.

Cherry Torn Anal Sex Bondage Day

See Cherry in bdsm extreme for anal play

Cherry Torn has done a lot of punishing over the last few days at the instruction of her master James Mogul but today it’s her turn to receive. She is stripped and bent over while Bella Rossi uses an acrylic dildo in her ass and a vibrator on her clit.

Bella strapon ass fucks her with a very large dildo going as deep as she can take it before they are both strung up facing each other. James uses a bullwhip to whip ass leaving red marks on both of them before going over to a normal whip.

They have their tits tied above their heads using pegs on their nipples so they can’t move injuring their tits. He whips them harder and fingers them near to orgasm before leaving them hanging there frustrated. You can see this extreme torture at The Upper Floor.

Lolita Haize Has Second Lot Of Extreme Torture

Watch Lolita learn the bdsm lifestyle

The Upper Floor had been concentrating entirely on hurting Cherry Torn but when they got hold of Lolita Haize for the second time they decided to give Cherry a break. She starts off having her pussy slapped then being made to suck Cherrys nipples while having her ass whipped.

Her tits are tied and her arms behind her back as she is forced to give a rough deepthroat while Cherry whips her ass. She is impaled on a stick dildo with a vibrator against her clit and a cane in her mouth. She has nipple clamps attached and is whipped while being told if she comes she gets 50 strokes of the cane.

She is bent over on all fours and fucked while she has her feet whipped. She manages to hold off on her orgasms then when he is ready she is led on her back and takes a face full of cum. You can see Lolita suffer orgasm denial at the Upper Floor.

Bella Rossi Gets Her Tits Caned

Watch Bella And Cherry Torn suffer here

For anal day Cherry has an anal buttplug inserted with a tail on it as she is made to lick Bellas pussy. She has her pussy whipped as she does as she is told and fingers Bellas pussy then they have their tits linked with nipple clamps and chain.

Cherry gets her ass caned then Bella has to hold her tits up for Cherry to cane her tits as she is made to come using a vibrator. They take it in turns then hitting her ass with a cane and a lump of wood before Bella is made to give a forced deepthroat blowjob.

As she is doing this Bella is spanking her ass then Cherry is made to ride his cock while using a vibrator on Bella. They both finish off by sucking cock and getting their faces covered in cum. You can find this extreme torture scene of corporal punishment over at The Upper Floor.

Service Day In The Torture Chamber

Watch 3 girls suffer extreme torture

Lilla Katt, Sophie Monroe and Nicki Blue are next up to suffer bdsm extreme torture in servitude at the torture chamber. They are lined up and held as they start by caning nipples. One gets wrapped up and mummified as they smack her tits through the wrappings.

A zapper is used on her pussy through the wrappings and on her feet then another girl hoisted on top in suspension bondage right above the other to have her ass whipped. Next her ass is caned while she drools through her ballgag into the others mouth.

Her ass is spanked and hair pulled to make her drool more before the wrappings are cut from the other girl and a vibrator used on her pussy. Tied upside down they are made to lick boots as a vibrator gives them both orgasms where their own cum runs up their body and over their faces. You can see this bondage lifestyle scene at The Upper Floor.

Cherry Torn and Bella Rossi In Torture Chamber

See these two girls suffer extreme bdsm

Cherry Torn and Bella Rossi are led into the torture chamber on leashes and told to do as ordered. Cherry is made to hold her arms out wide while holding plates as Bella whips her ass then is made to stick her ass out with a tray on her ass as pegs are used on her pussy lips and pulled wide open.

She then has her pussy whipped before a speculum is inserted in her pussy. Her tits are tied and Bella is told to suffocate her with her tits while a dildo gag is placed on her. She is made to fuck Cherrys pussy with the dildo gag to warm her up for the butler.

He fucks her hard while Bella plays with her tits then he comes over Bellas tits and makes Cherry lap it up. This bondage scene can be found at The Upper Floor.

Schoolgirl takes an extreme bdsm ass caning

See this schoolgirl in extreme bdsm session

When this schoolgirl plays up for the teacher she is told to stay behind after class. Expecting the usual talking to or at most made to write lines she keeps talking back to the teacher. What she didn’t know was that this teacher was leaving and had nothing to lose.

Made to strip off her knickers under threat and then bend over she starts to panic but saying sorry isn’t going to stop the extreme torture coming her way. She screams loud as her ass is spanked hard and thinks her ordeal is over when she is told to get up. Feeling sore and humiliated she starts to pull her knickers up before being told to stop.

This is where she starts to worry. She is told to touch her toes and close her eyes and that’s when the bdsm really starts. The first cane she takes makes her scream loudly but as the ass caning leaves more and more red marks she bursts into tears. Made to take lash after lash and to strip completely she just has to take it. You can see this lovely girl get her ass caned at Pure Spanking.

First Day For Ramon Nomar


Watch Ramon trained by Amanda Tate

As it’s Ramon Nomars first day at the mansion she is handed over to Amanda Tate along with Mandy Muse to be shown what is expected of her. Ramon and Amanda kiss while bent over for an ass spanking and even though she is wearing a ballgag Ramon is made to lick pussy while receiving an ass whipping as Amanda shines shoes.

Ramon is bent over on the bed to be fucked from behind while Amanda sucks his cock as it comes out of Ramon. Pretty soon Ramons pussy is filled with cock and Amandas fingers before she is ass fucked. Next they are both sucking cock while being whipped from behind and ordered not to cum before Amanda forces Ramons head down for a deepthroat.

They are made to sit on Hitachis while sucking cock as they hold back orgasm before Amanda rides his cock as Ramon sucks his balls and licks her pussy. Ramon rides him next as Amanda spanks her pussy. Ramon is tied on her back with her legs over her head for Amanda to lick her while being fucked from behind then both get their faces covered in cum. You can see Ramon take her first day of her new bondage lifestyle at The Upper Floor.